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When Ice Cream Is Not Enough: Stories that Nurture Loving Relationships

Ellen Gendelmen and Helene Jaspan

Get hold of your spoon and start enjoying ‘When Ice Cream Is Not Enough’, a book brimming with mouth-watering vignettes that tell two sides of a story.

What happens when:

A married daughter desperately needs help from her strapped parents- again!

A talented employee expects a raise and is fired instead.

A husband responds to his wife’s outpouring of emotion with “What’s the big deal?” and wonders why she’s upset with him.

Ellen Gendelman and Renee Jaspan take you on a journey towards a rich appreciation for what makes people tick. Experience the lingering taste as each of these memorable characters find a special place in your hearts.

“Gendelman and Jaspan provide clear, easily understandable guidelines of ways of expanding one’s repertoire to self-regulate emotions to develop mutually satisfying relationships and resolve struggles. “
-Janice Starkman Goldfein LMSW

“Bravo on this heart opening book. Its stories are sure to help readers face their own challenges with increased insight, compassion and effectiveness. “
-Susan Heitler PhD author of Prescriptions without Pills: For relief from Depression, Anger, Anxiety and more.

“Scenarios depicting conflicts between family members and friends allow the reader to manage interpersonal conflict in a manner that can lead to a greater sense of harmony and peace in connection with others.”
-Dr. David Pelcovitz PhD

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