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How to Write Heartfelt Letters to Treasure: For Special Occasions and Occasions Made Special

Lynette M. Smith

Seems like everyone these days believes writing letters is a lost art. True, letter writing, for the most part, has given way to occasional jotted notes in a greeting card or email-style letter sent to a fellow computer user. Then, of course, mass-produced annual letters mailed to friends and relatives each holiday season still exist, although in fewer numbers all the time.

But a real letter? The kind that's thoughtfully written–by hand or on a computer–with only one recipient in mind? A rarity.

What have we lost as a society, as individuals, by allowing this not-so-fleeting form of highly personal communication to drift away?

Bonding. That's what we've lost. And a sense of giving appreciation and being appreciated. As a result, we've sacrificed the forming, strengthening, and even rebuilding of meaningful relationships. Lynette Smith


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