0025 : Free Range Kids 1 of 2: Worst Mother in the World to Free Range Parenting Advocate Lenora Skenazy

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What Are Free Range Kids?

Would you be willing to let your kids walk to the store or to a friends house?

Let them get off the bus and walk home?

Have a pocket knife?

Let them use matches?

Talk to strangers?

If you do you are a full fledged free range parent. If you don't why? These are probably all things that you did as a kid. What changed?

Crime rates are lower today than they were in the 60's yet we are constantly coming up with more reasons to be afraid.

If you're anything like me you want your kids to be confident and capable of taking care of themselves. So how do we do this while the boogie man is lurking behind every corner waiting to grab our kids?

Lenora Skenazy is here to show us the way. She was dubbed “The Worst Mother in America” for letting her nine-year-old son ride the subway by himself. After writing an article as to why she let him do this, every major network wanted to hear from her. She did more than talk… she started a movement called Free Range Kids or Free Range Parenting.

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In this episode, you will learn

♦ It is the safest time EVER in the first world to be a kid. Here are a few stats to check out http://www.freerangekids.com/crime-statistics/

♦ What Lenora says about taking photos of our kids in front of the school bus.

♦  How our fear is crippling us as parents and productive people.

♦  R.I. tried (and failed) to pass a law that said no kid could be dropped off at a bus stop with out a parent to pick them up under the age of 12. Free Range Kids Rallied against it.

♦ “You can't have hysteria ruling the day and you can't have hysteria ruling  the law”

♦ How we are refusing to see any gradation between completely utterly safe and completely underly dangerous.

♦ Give the benefit of the doubt to everyone.

♦ How the popularity of zombies is related to how we view our community.

♦ Just because your kids are with you does not mean that they are safer.

♦ Free Range Kids make the neighborhood better and knit it together.




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