0026: Free Range Kids 2 of 2 Communities and Schools: Lenore Skenazy

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Free Range Parenting does not come naturally these days.

The fact that there is a name for this kind of parenting clearly shows that Free Range is no longer the norm like it was 40 years ago.

One of the major obstacles that free range parents face is the lack of community support.

Letting our kids play outside for any length of time could result in a call to police. But what if we could get our community on board with us and support our right to raise children in a way that gives them freedom and responsibility.

Lenore Skenazy is once again at the helm of the Free Range movement. She and a few other Free Range activists are calling on our government, schools and local communities to actively support Free Range kids.

“I don't want to worry that if I let my child walk to the park or play outside that I will be arrested.”

In this episode, you will learn…

The three calls to action that Skenazy is asking for …

♦ Have schools and teachers encourage students to ask their parents to do one thing that they have never been allowed to do. It could be walking to the store or going to get a hair cut by themselves. Cooking or lighting the campfire.

♦ Have an after school program that is only free play. No coaches or adults telling them how to play. Just a simple safe place with different materials for the kids to work with and one adult in case there is a safety issue.

♦ Last but not least for our state and local government to support parents who are simply making a choice to give their kids the freedoms they had as kids.



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