0027: Importance of Education: What Will Kids Need to Know to be Successful: Roberta Golinkoff

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The importance of education and why it needs to change.

Ever wonder what our kids will really need to know when it comes time to get a job?

I do.

It wasn't that long ago that FaceBook (Yes I'm old) didn't even exist, now the internet has exploded. The skills we now need have very little to do with what we learned in school.

So how do we know what direction to point our kids in regards to their education?

Roberta Golinkoff has the answers. In her book Becoming Brilliant, she spells out exactly what skills you and your kids will need to know.

Yes, I said …you! We have got to keep up with this generation and keep our brains active. Show our kids that learning happens at any age… anywhere.


In this episode, you will learn

The six C's that Golinkoff say's that our kids need to know if they are going to be successful.

Collaboration– humans are extremely social beings.. think of it as two heads are better than one.

Communication – getting the message across. Listening, speaking, writing and learning to make a persuasive argument.

Content – is the three R's (reading, writing, and arithmetic) and more like learning how to learn.

Critical Thinking–  question EVERYTHING. Those in the 21st century that are capable of selecting and synthesizing the content that they have to cope with will be successful.

Creative innovation– Building something new from something old. The big myth that creativity is just for special people like artists and musicians are mistaken… it is needed everywhere.

Confidence–  not giving up or grit in the face of failure is extremely important. Being able to learn from mistakes and look back to see what was missed to do better next time.

♦ Kids are only really at school 20% of the time. As parents, the rest of the time is for us to be instilling in them and showing with our own actions.

♦ Any skill that is simply a regurgitation of information/ content will be done by artificial intelligence.

♦ The reason kids are out for summer is that we were at one time an agricultural country. But that is no longer the case.

♦ Teachers are having a hard time with what they are required to do and teach.

♦ Highlighting in a book is one of the least effective tools you can use to learn.

♦  Becoming Brilliant is a book about how kids learn and how we can improve how we learn as adults.

♦ Kids will need to learn how to learn since they will have many career changes in their lifetime.

Home Work. Have your kids design and rearrange their room. Make them draw/ design on paper how they want to rearrange their room. Then let them do it. They will learn about space, measurements, and if there are two of them… collaboration.

[18:25]  We talk about why kids who are on the spectrum have delayed speech.  





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