0028: Putting an End to Racism w/ Julie Thomas

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Ending Racism Starts at Home.

When I first heard about the Neo-Nazi's and White Supremacist marching in Charlottesville I thought for sure it was another “fake news” scam.

But it wasn't.

How could this be happening in the country that I love?

“It became clear to me that we can no longer assume that Nazi's and white supremacy is a thing of the past. It is a cultural disease that if left unchecked will keep coming back.”

So the question is…how do we make sure our kids are not sucked into this legacy of hate?

Julie Thomas spells out three simple, but not necessarily easy ways to build a firm foundation of love and acceptance in our own families and homes.


What you will learn

♦  Do a self-check and make sure you and your family have no lingering discrimination.

♦ Listen to yourself and those around you and make sure there are no jokes or words that hint towards racism.

♦ Ask your kids questions about their experiences in their world in regards to race. Do they see kids being picked on? what do they do when that happens? What do the teachers and administration do?

♦ Make your home an inclusive place. Have people that look and think differently than you in your home.

♦ Show your kids how to have hospitality and make everyone feel comfortable when they visit.

♦ Demonstrate inclusiveness in front of your kids. Invite people you have never met to join you.


Ask your kids what they would do if there was a new kid at school. How could they make that kid feel welcome? What if they saw someone being pick on? What could they do to shift that experience for that kid and stop the bullying?


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