0030: What the Heck is a Maverick?

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What You Will Learn

♦ The history and background of the word Maverick and why I chose Maverick as the type of person I want my kids to grow to be.

♦ The very first “Maverick” was Samuel A. Maverick a politician in Texas who happened to also have cattle.

♦ Maverick refused to brand his cattle saying that he did not want to hurt the cows. This was beyond unheard of at the time and with that, the word Maverick was born. An independent thinker, someone who does things their own way.

♦ So what does this Texan have to do with our kids?

  1. Being a Maverick means that you do not need a label (brand) to define who you are.
  2. Maverick kids are comfortable being the odd one out, are willing and able to stand up for what is right with the mental fortified to withstand the social pressure of the ‘herd'.
  3. Maverick parents don't care what other parents think they do what is right for their family.

♦ Why is it important now more than ever to raise kids with this kind of inner strength?

♦ From 2007 to 2016 subside amongst 10-14-year-olds has doubled (see NCOSE doc below) Why? No one can really say for sure but there is a lot of speculation about bullying and social media stress. My hope is that our Maverick kids will be able to stand up against and stop this hateful behavior in its stacks.

♦ 57% of bullying stops if just one person defends the person being picked on.

♦ My hope is that our Maverick kids will also know what porn is and the addictive, socially damaging nature of it.

♦ When they are shown porn they will be able to confidently say “I don't watch porn” “Because it's addictive, harmful to women, and promotes human trafficking”.





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