0040: Play Deficit Challenged w/Mud Day and Spark Play Space

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Get kids outside, in the mud, creating and learning. Spark Play Space is changing the way kids play!

What You Will Learn

• Mary Kate and her husband (who is a teacher) are noticing the amount young adults that are lost in the real world and lack the skills to do simple tasks.

• Sparks launch event was a Mud Play Event

• The Millianels in the U.S fall short when it comes to the skills that employers are looking for. The older generations are far outpacing them in the ability to problem solve problems in technology-rich environments.

•Start with trust. truly give your kids trust and let hold that responsibility.

• Letting your kids deal with the results of the risks that they have chosen. They learn common sense and physics in the real world.

Quote of the day  “Permit when you can  protect when you must.”

Homework: Practice not saying “careful”… instead, point out facts. The cars are going fast, there are rocks over here, I'm going to light the stove now. Whenever you can let the kids decide what risks they're going to take and let them deal with the consequents.


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