005: Brenda High: Bullycide – Leadership, Empathy & Challenging Laziness. How to stop cyberbullying.

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Brenda has become a passionate crusader, a mom on a mission to stop school bullying, cyberbullying and peer abuse.  It is not uncommon to see Brenda doing email or on the phone talking about bullying as well as advising parents, students, teachers, state and federal lawmakers, media and community members about the emotional and physical dangers of bullying, which can lead to bullycide, (a suicide attributed to bullying).

What You Will Learn

  • -What the school administrators need to do to solve the problem of bullying.
  • -The problem CAN be solved and won't take very long.
  • -Motivational speakers in schools don't work.
  • -The age bullying starts.
  • -Personality types have a lot to do with preventing bullying.
  • -How to change the mind of a bully.
  • -The secret to finding out what is truly going on in your kid's life.
  • -How to teach your kids to help others who are in trouble.
  • -Maverick are a key piece to the solution.
  • -Exactly the body position and words to use when being attacked by a bully.
  • -The victims are often left out of the solution.
  • -It's not the parent's responsibility if their kids are bullies.
  • -Three signs your kid is being bullied or cyberbullied.
  • -The number one regret of a mother who lost her child to bullycide.
  • -How to protect kids on the bus.
  • -Why you shouldn't read Bullycide in America at night.


Bullycide in America 

Bully Police 


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