0067: Overcoming Illness with Marc Hoberman

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Anytime someone is diagnosed with a chronic illness, their life changes dramatically. What if that person was your child? or you? Mac Hoberman was diagnosed with epilepsy at the age of 16. Right when most kids were gaining freedom… Marc was losing all of his.

This is an important lesson in what I like to call “sometimes something really IS wrong”. Think of those times when someone is rude or acting strangely. It could be someone in your family or someone in line in front of you at the store. So often we just assume that people are rude, mean, weird… when really they have a health or mental issue that makes life extremely difficult and they want to keep it behind closed doors. So as you listen to Marc's story, please create a place in your being for a slice of compassion for the unknown ordeals that others might be dealing with.

What You Will Learn

♦ What it is like to have a seizure?

♦How to not let your disease define you.

The three elements of a chronic illness.

A.  The side effects of seizure medication

B. The effects of the disease.

C. The emotional effects.

♦What are the three things you need to do to deal with illness?

A.  You need a support system.

B. Know that you are not alone. Do your research.

C. The support system starts with YOU!. If it doesn't start with you it's not going anywhere.

B. Start a Journal. Write out what you are going through.

♦ What do parents need to know when their kids go into testing the S.A.T.

♦ When you hire someone to work with your kids let them be the good guys and bad guys. You do not need to be hounding the kids to do their homework. Let the tutor do that.



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Marc's Book ‘Search and Seizure: Overcoming Illness and Adversity'