0081: 13 Things Mentally Strong Mentally Strong Parents Don’t Do w/ Amy Morin

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Raising kids that are resilient is fast becoming a strong focus for modern parents. The ability to move through times of hardship is a trait that will last a lifetime and has been proven to not only make life easier to handle it also increases the ability have a successful career.

Major Take-Aways

  • When it comes to discipline, act like a “boss” in the sense that your boss isn't going to (necessarily) yell at you… you are just going to get fired. So instead of getting angry and yelling you simply and calmly take away privileges.
  • Just like money, treats like screen time should be earned.
  • More and more college kids are saying that they are completely emotionally unprepared to with life outside of the home because they are so protected as a kid.
  •   Create a family mission statement and really look and your calendar and checkbook for signs of whether or not you are living in alinement of what you say your values are.

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