0095: Learn to Say Yes Less w/ Joy Evanns

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Time Management and How to Say No

Finding enough time in the day for ourselves is difficult at best. But what if all you had to do was how to say no. Joy Evanns shares with us in this episode a system of learning to say yes less in a way that others will respect and even adore you even more.

Pretty amazing right?

Major Take Aways In This Episode

  • Joy started to do work in and around how to say no when she found herself saying yes to things that were out of alignment with her values.
  • Perfectionism is a trait that can hold you back in so many ways.
  • Your cell phone was designed to be a convenience to you, not making you a convenience for other people.
  • [5:42] How to not have your phone run your life. 
  • 1. Schedule downtime when you are not available by phone.
  • 2. Give 100% of your attention to the person that you are with.
  • 3. Check e-mail at a scheduled time.
  • 4. Let the people in your life know when you are available so they have the right expectations.
  • [10:38] How to say no without guilt.
  • 1. Guilt is the result of not having our beliefs in alignment with our actions.
  • 2. If you have guilt, don't shy away from it. Connect with someone to help you work through it and figure out if you need to shift your behavior of beliefs.
  • [17:40] The Formula For How to Say No with the I Love You Sandwich 
  • 1. Start with an I love you statement. Either I love you or something that you appreciate about that person.
  • 2. Then (this is important) say AND not BUT…
  • 3. Then deliver your difficult news.
  • 4. Finish with an affirming statement that shows that you want to continue the relationship.

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Favorite Quotes

” Your cell phone is meant to be a convince for you not to make you a convince for other people.”

” You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm.”