0104: Empathy and the Interbrain?

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The Importance of Face To Face Conversations.

There are new studies saying that our brains have the ability to pick up on subtle smells, and lighting fast expressions that change the way we respond to others.

Since empathy is one of the three pillars of How To Raise A Maverick I wanted to make sure all of you knew about this research.

Essentially we are putting ourselves at a huge disadvantage by interacting via the internet. Even if we are using video. The simple and subtle clues that all humans are transmitting are missed. It's like only hearing half the conversation.

Most people on that have Autism spectrum have little to no “interbrain”. They can be taught to recognize facial expressions yet still have a hard time making a human connection.

Professor Digby Tatum of the University of Sheffield is researching how humans communicate and the human brain. He strongly believes that there are much more powerful ways to communicate than speech.

So, what that means for us is that we need to keep this in mind when talking to our kids. Follow or believe that gut feeling when we are around someone and to teach our kids to do the same. We also need to stress the fact that important exchanges of ALL kinds should be done in person. Business, personal and otherwise.