0105: Thai Prisons, How To Stay Out Of Them

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Let's Not Be Jerks Abroad.

There are about 3000 Americans that get arrested abroad every year. Some of those people were doing “bad” things, and others were just being stupid.

Since you are a Maverick and so are your kids, there is a good chance that the travel bug is alive and well in your family. So here are a few “Maverick” traveling rules that I have picked up while traveling over 35 different countries many during times of political unrest. That will no doubt serve your family well to follow. Of course, many of these are common sense, but for some reason when young adults travel on their own for the first time they can forget their manners and find themselves in a ton of trouble for it.

Without further ado, here are the 8 Maverick Travel Rules

~> ALWAYS dress like the locals. NEVER show more skin than the locals and for crying out loud… NEVER moon, flash or have sex in public places! Especially anywhere near temples or holy sites.

~> Be careful who you spend time with. If your “friends” get arrested for their stupidity rest assured you will also be seen as stupid and arrested as well.

~> You booze you lose. Drunk people are loud, make bad choices and are easy targets for crime. Just don't do it.

~> Be quiet and kind. Being loud and obnoxious is just an embarrassing trait for anyone to have. When you travel you represent your country. Please don't yell, swear, and hurl insults at your friends at the local market like you are at a frat party.

~> Stay in after dark. It sounds boring but it saved my life more than once.

~> Never, ever, ever ever, ever, carry anything for a friend on a plane or across borders. If you are found with drugs (which can easily be hidden) there is nothing anyone can do to keep you out of the local prison.

~> Be your own hospital. Carry an extensive emergency medical bag/kit.

~> Last but not least trust your gut instinct. And almost more importantly is to only travel with people who don't talk you out of what you are feeling. Often that first flash of fear or that something isn't right is correct. If the person you are planning traveling with is unwilling to change plans based on a “hunch” it's best to stay at home.