020: David Nayer: How To Stop Kids From Lying

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Why Do Kids Lie!!

As a parent, this drives me bananas! I really wanted to know… why kids lie? And how do we get them to tell the truth? David Nayer is a what I like to call a ‘Communication Guide'. He studies Nonviolent Communication and is also a father so needless to say he fully understands the art of getting to the truth.

I remember telling some whoppers as a kid and I wanted to see if I could change that tendency in my kids. The selfsame and embarrassment I felt from being a “lier” was not something I wanted my daughter to feel.

A few things I have tried are…

1.Separating the honesty from the consequences. If there is honesty there is praise … Period. Then later on when the time is right I can go back and talk about the “deed” that might not have been safe or a good idea and what we should do next time.

2.I praise “pretend stories”. I love my youngest's creative mind and we make up stories all the time. Pretend stories are just as fun as real stories but never the two shall mix.

Let us know what you have tried!!! And be sure to listen to David Nayer in this episode. He really gets right to the nitty gritty of why kids lie. 

 In this episode, you will learn

The difference between a request and a demand and how easily they are confused.

What is going on when your child says NO.

The number one thing you need to get an honest answer.

A new way of looking at ‘right and wrong”


A great video of Marshall Rosenberg explaining Nonviolent Communication. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dpk5Z7GIFs

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