021: Fat Acceptance with Madison Krall

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Having a bad body image is one of the major contributing factors that leads to depression in teens. But there is a new movement that is gaining momentum called Fat Acceptance, that could very well change all that.

Imagine living in a culture of people who were grateful for the body they had regardless of its shape or size. No one is bullied, teased or has a low self-esteem because of their body. That is the type community that Madison Krall is working to create. I first saw Krall giving a speech at the Denver TEDx conference where I was first introduced to the concept of Fat Acceptance. Needless to say, I was aware of encouraging a healthy body image but Krall's talk opened my eyes to the real issues people that consider themselves fat deal with. The layers of discrimination and shaming that goes on every day in regards to fat and body size are so deep we don't even notice them.

The good news is you are here and hopefully willing to challenge your preconceived ideas about fat and point the next generation towards a healthy, loving out look on their amazing, beautiful bodies.