105: Are You in a Cult?

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What is a Cult Anyway?

There has been quite a bit in the news about the Church of Scientology being a cult. Since have all watched the stories of Tom Cruise and any many other celebrities come to the surface as being members, it's made me wonder…

What is a cult anyway? 

How do people get sucked into these things?

How can we make sure that our kids' will be able to cut through any scam and not drink the cool-aid?

In my lifetime I have seen first had a few smaller cults, watched the people in them and have come up with a list of things Mavericks need to be aware of.

~>Cults can come in the form of religious, corporate, self-help programs and political groups.

~>They usually all have one leader and use a “pyramid ” style recruiting process. That means that the member that recruits you get the credit and discredit for what you do.

~>They are secretive about what they do. If you find that they have not been straight up about how they operate… that is a red flag.

~>Your money and time are theirs. If you are finding it hard to find time for your friends and family as a result of being pressured into activities and they are asking for more and more money. Working for free and needing to pay for services, books, and workshops that get progressively more and more expensive in order to “succeed”… look for the door and start running.

This article is referring to a cult that witnessed in the UK.

Cults “target vulnerable students”

By Emily Sheffield

In Greater Manchester, which has nearly 70,000 students, the union has discovered plans by the Manchester Christian Church, a branch of the International Church of Christ UK (ICC), to rent a room on the campus to hold weekly meetings in October.

The controversial cult has already been accused of preying on students and there are fears the latest series of meetings held in the Deaf Centre, a campus building, have been specifically aimed at the city's students who returned last week for the start of the new term.

Anthony Noun, welfare officer for the Manchester university Students Union, said: “We are aware of cult activities close to campus and would like to alert students. Followers sometimes even drop out of their academic courses because the cult takes up all of their time and they are asked to hand over part of their income.”

~> Sleep and food deprivation are classic ways to weaken the brain and has been used to manipulate members of the cults.

~> Character defamation is a handly trick cults like to use. No one likes to be called out and shamed in a group so they use that power to create fear and motivate the other members to do more work harder and give more money.

~> Isolation.  If anyone discourages you from contacting friends and family, this is (usually) a bad sign. That is unless your friends and family are cult members 🙂

At the end of the day… just make sure your kids QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Any group that doesn't allow questioning is suspect.