107: Human Trafficking: What You Need To Know W/ Nancy Hartwell

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Three Ways to Protect Your Child From Human Trafficking

Emily Gaudreau with Nancy Hartwell

There are now over 30 million people in the world that are slaves or live like one. In fact, there are more slaves now than ever before in human history. There are also 800,000 kids, and young adults are trafficked across international borders each year. For not just sex slavery but labor slavery as well.

Many of the slave labor comes from young men from countries like Nepal that are being told that there is a great opportunity abroad. Once they arrive, the contract is torn up, and they are forced to work long hours in horrible conditions.

I know I'm not alone when I say that Human Trafficking and sex slavery are the two things that not only scare the crap out of me but make me VERY concerned about the future of humanity.

So when I met Nancy Harwell, I asked ” What can we do to keep our kids safe while letting them grow up to be independent people?” is an author and expert on human trafficking and has written several books about trafficking in the middle east and beyond. So o0f course I jumped at the idea of having on the show to tell us the three things that she wanted us to know about trafficking.

~> Human Trafficking is right next to the drug industry in regards to the size of the operations and money made. It's a multi-billion dollar business.

~> You must tell your kids about trafficking. They need to know what can happen and they ways they can trick you.

~> Have a family password. Have a word that only the family will know. If someone tries to pick them up at school, they must have the family password.

~> Avoid having your kids name on their backpacks or hats.

~> Keep them aware that things like puppies can be used to lure kids away from safety.

~> It can sometimes be the “hero” that you need to be afraid of. Ther person coming in to help fix your flat tire may have been the person that flattened in the first place.

~> Monitor your kid's social media profiles and their friends.

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