124: “It’s OK to Fail” Did NOT Get Us To The Moon

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Stop Telling Us and Our Kids It's OK To Fail!

Everywhere I turn these days there is the message… “failure is what achievement is built on”.

Humm no. That's actually incorrect.

Statements like “Failure is NOT an Option” is what inspired true greatness.

There are some people who say that they have failed and failed and that's how they got to the place they are now.

No… they did not fail! They kept at the same thing until they made it.

Keep your eye on the prize… your method might change, is that failure NO. It's called a pivot.

You are not failing if you are still working toward your goal.

You fail when you completely walk away from the entire mission.

Show your kids how to commit to your vision and not promote your lack of drive as “part of the process”.

Choose NOT to fail.