153: Texas Shooting, NLP Therapy, Divorce

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Getting to the Root and Motivation Behind School Shootings and Exploring NLP Therapy

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My gosh! Yet another school shooting!

This week I explore the idea that what we are dealing with is partly the Werther Effect.

Which is the backstory that explains copycat suicides and mass shootings like what we just saw at Santa Fe High School in Texas. 

I have spoken before about the fact that white males have the highest rate of suicide in the U.S and I have a firm belief that these shooting go hand in hand with the suicide issue. Listen in and let me know if you agree.


 Neuro-Linguistic-Programming is an AMAZING therapy that I have just discovered. As a huge believer in counseling and therapying being the best parenting tool, there is, I am always looking to better myself and make sure I am in the best mental place to raise my kiddo.

Cause God only knows I need all the help I can get!!!

So I have done my fair share of sitting in a chair spilling my guts… but to be honest it seems like I'm not really getting to the heart of an issue. I just feel like a whining baby complaining about life and trying to find something worth talking about. BUT… NLP is completely different.

You focus on a specific outcome that you would like to achieve. This sounds SO stupid… but all I wanted was to remember to take my supplements, morning and night. It seems like a silly thing to go to therapy for but it is a real issue for me and I HAVE to take them or I will get very sick (I know this from experience).

Anyways, after just two sessions, I have had a complete paradigm shift and have been able to shift issues that are seemly unrelated. I am completely blown away by how well it works.

If you live in Colorado the extremely talented practitioner that I see is Cheryl Breault.

That is a wrap for this week!

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