164: Book Review of Ellen Gendelmen’s, ‘When Ice Cream is Not Enough’.

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I hardly EVER do book reviews. That's a fact.. but when I do you had better believe it's a good one.

Ellen Gendelman's book ‘When Ice Cream is Not Enough‘ does NOT try to convert you to some crazy way of parenting. It does not try to convince you that our future generation is ruined because of your bad parenting skills. It actually does not tell you what to think at all! Refreshing right!

Ellen Gendelman has simply and brilliantly presented over 20 snapshots of relationships, you get to hear from both perspectives and you never actually hear how the story ends. You are simply gifted two new perspectives.

In a world that is striving to gain empathy ‘When Ice Cream is Not Enough‘ is priceless! If you have a book club this is a wonderful book to spark conversations and create deeper relationships.

Check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Hugs, Emily