176: Bare Minimum Parenting: James Breakwell : Not Quite Ruining Your Kids

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Parents: Relax and Have a Laugh

At the end of the day do all the little things we freak out about when our kids are little matter?

Perhaps we are holding our influence on our kids on too high of a pedestal.

Jame Breakwell as written a very cheeky book about generally chilling the heck out when it comes to parenting. Could it be that the stress all this parenting pressure is causing could be undoing all the good that was intended?

If you are ready for a laugh defiantly check out James Breakwells latest book… Bare Minimum Parenting: The Ultimate Guide to Not Quite Ruining Your Child 

If you enjoy the lighter side of parenting blog and what not, here is where you can get more of James  http://explodingunicorn.com/


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