180: Good Pictures Bad Pictures: Protect Young Minds w/ Kristen Jenson

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The Best Book For Kids About Porn!

This week one of my absolute favorite children's authors Kristen Jenson is introducing us to the second edition of ‘Good Pictures, Bad Pictures'. 

As you know protecting kids from porn is something I am VERY passionate about.

In this episode, I share something extremely personal that happened to my family in regards to kids and porn.

And trust me when I tell you that you must get Kristen's book and make the discussion of what to do when they see a part of your family's life.

If you live near a road… you teach kids how to cross the street.

If your kids EVER use anything connected to the internet.. teach them ALL the dangers. 

It can be awkward ( to say the least) but that why buying a book that you can read together will make it crazy easy!

. This book is loved in our home and I highly recommend it to anyone who has kids and understands the dangers of porn and protecting young minds.

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