187: Should Parents Share Kids Images Online?

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Parents LOVE to share photos of their kids.

Of course, they do. Kids are cute, funny and the grandparents want to see their every move.

But is there a price to pay for letting the world have access to our kid's images…(and if you share them on any social media site you are sharing them with the world).
Here are just a few …
1. 50% of the images used on pedophilia sites are stolen from social media sites. Often they photoshopped into very sexual images. Uhhmm creepy!
2. Digital kidnapping. This is where someone desids that they like your child, create a profile using their name and either pretend to the child or parent in the comments. Don't believe me.. check out #littlegirlrp  (rp means Role Play, they are roleplaying that your kid is theirs) Many of the comments and tags are sexual and downright disturbing.
3. Digital DNA. This is a term that is now being used to describe your legacy and life online. Since facial recognition software is so commonly used now your child entire life will easily be searched by universities, employers and bullies alike.
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