191: Self-Defense with Pete Canavan

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From Scared To Empowered

It's nothing to brag about… ( no.. ready it's not a good thing) but I have had more than a handful scary life experiences that I BARELY made it out by the skin of my teeth and a prayer!

I share two of these close to the end of this episode. Yes, that is my way of saying you had better listen to the whole thing!! 😉

Pete Canavan is no stranger to these crazy life events himself, not only physically but digitally. So he dishes the dirt on best practices in digital security and holding your (and your kids ) own if push comes to shove.

>>> Here are a few things you will learn…

1. Go over the privacy settings on kids social media accounts.
2. Don't Post images of where you are and the schools the kids go to.
3. Most perpetrators are looking for an easy victim who won't put up a fight. Teach the kids to not look like a victim and pay attention to what's going on around them.
4. Role-play with the kids using their strong voice, yelling stop.
5. There are no rules when you are fighting for your life…spitting, poke them in the eyes, kicking in the groin area and the front of the knees.
6. If you can, get the kids involved in martial arts. Preferably a place that is NOT focused on tournaments. In the competitions, there are rules that can limit your skills in a real-life self-defense situation.
5. Going through the router to block websites and words.
6. Talk with kids about what their personal boundaries are. If they are not defined how will you know when someone crosses them.
Canavan's Website https://petecanavan.com/

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