192: Grandparent Blues

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Grandparents are the BEST! Except when they're not šŸ˜‰ How to deal with those fun issues that pop up when the generations mix.
I have the top 6 trick issues that tend to creep their way into our families.

Screen TimeĀ 

Emily Gaudreau Screen Time

1. 99.9% of the time you will understand the impact of screentime more than your parents do. Have limits and stick to them. But also understand that they are much older than you and it can be hard to entertain a child for hours on end. Bring over DVDs of the shows that you have approved if the grandparents need a break 'cause you know they will.

Sweet Treats

Emily Gaudreau

2. Grandparents are ‘Big G' notorious for giving sweet treats to kids. It's fun to go out for ice cream but when you pick your kids up and they are a sugar-crazed mess… hmm, NO thank you. Let your parents know that treats are fine as long as they have time to burn off the crazies before you pick them up.


Emily Gaudreau

3. You are not required to let your kids stay overnight at the grandparents. Let me say that one more time…You are not required!!!!
If their lifestyle, the way they eat, speak and what they watch is not in alignment with what you want your kids exposed to, then don't ask them to babysit.
Limit your time to shorter visits. The grandparents will appreciate not being criticized for lifestyle that frankly, they enjoy.


5. Remember that grandparents can be a big part of yourĀ kids like without them being the primary babysitters. DecideĀ as a couple how much time is appropriateĀ for kids to spend are theirĀ grandparent's house.


Emily Gaudreau

6. DecideĀ on the typeĀ of toys you want to have in your home and be sure to let everyone know,( in a nice way)Ā  cause we all know those moms that can go overboard here. But simple things like nothing that makes noise, or no plastic. That way if the grandparentsĀ just can't help themselves which is inevitable, the toy will simply stay at the grandparent'sĀ house. They can buy whatever they want… but you have the right to decideĀ what comes into your home.

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