193: Boozy Parenting? With Lisa Boucher

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Today on How To Raise a Maverick we're talking about the drinking culture. Not the drink culture of the younger generation, we are talk'n 'bout parents.

If you know me personally I love a good cocktail. So when Lisa Boucher starting talking about “when kids see you use alcohol as a way to cope with life… it's not a great message.”

Uhhm OUCH!  I felt that one right in my “mommy needs a drink”  tee shirt!

Lisa who is a former alcoholic, the daughter of a formal alcoholic, mother of grown twin boys and has been helping folks with their struggles with substance abuse for 20 plus years… is calling for a “Wake Up!!”

My favorite thing she said was “you can't raise a Maverick if you're a mess.”


If you enjoy a good mindset shift and wine… this is a good one for you!


Lisa's Website http://raisingthebottom.com/



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