196: Lou Alpert: Mothering an Addict: What Happened After This Mom Saw Her Daughter Shooting Heroin on CNN

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On December 1, 2017, Lou Apert along with the rest of the nation watched a video of her very pregnant daughter shooting up heroin in an Albuquerque alley. The video was recorded by a policeman who offered to adopt the baby.

Lou gives us the raw unfiltered truth of what it is like to be the mother of an addict and how complex the opioid epidemic is.

Lou Alpert's book Surender: A Love Letter to my Daughter can be found here or any major book store.

Here is the video of Lou's daughter on CNN.

What you will learn…

  • Yes, you should give addicts money on the street corner. The money given to Lou's daughter is what kept her alive.
  • $150K is the cost of rehab. Which can only take place after detox.
  • When going into detox you have to bring your own medication. Something that is nearly impossible for an addict to do.
  • When you have a loved on that is an addict, you call the morgues rather than the hospitals if they are missing.
  • A common way to get hooked on opiates is to take someone else's prescription drugs. (hint… keep your meds locked-up)
  • I personally learned how little I knew about what it would be like to be in Lou's situation.  For example, she was so grateful for the video of her daughter on CNN. To see her alive and doing better than she had been was a gift. Also, the complexity of the emotions surrounding her daughter's sobriety is not just relief. After years of preparing yourself for her death.