197: 30 Day Black Out author Stacy Jagger, Easy ways to Bring Peace Back to Your Family

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Stacy Jagger is the REAL DEAL! She's a marriage and family therapist, AND she has four kids. So what makes her so great?

She's wicked efficient.

She sooo gets that families need insanely quick and easy ways to shift behaviors. Her goal is to get her client's results… A.S.A.P (by the way, this is my impression of her, not something she advertises).

So when Stacy tells you to do a '30 Day Blackout‘….. LISTEN UP!!!  In a nutshell, a ‘30 Day Blackout' is what Stacy will prescribe if you are lucky enough to get a session with her.  A whole family media fast if you will..

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The results Stacy has seen from families doing the blackout
  • Why and how to implement a ‘30day Blackout.'
  • Trips and tricks to make it easier on you once the kids realize you mean business.
  • 3 easy ways to bond with your kids (I've been doing this every day and its a game-changer)
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