0031: Forgiveness, School Shootings and Post Trauma Support w/ Scarlett Lewis

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What You Will Learn

♦ How Scarlett Lewis forgave Adam Lanza 

♦How survivors in Rwanda used gratitude to overcome the trauma of genocide.

♦Yes. We should we talk to our kids about shootings in schools and make sure the school has an active shooter plan.

♦The best thing that was said to Scarlett Lewis after her son was murdered in the Sandy Hook School shooting…

was… “there are no words.” 

♦Trying to relate to the pain often makes both sides feel awkward.

♦ How compassion in action is how Scarlett Lewis and her older son are healing


The Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement

Safe and Sound Schools

Restoring a Sense of Security In A Post-Election Climate


Resource Library

List of school shootings in America

Create an ID card here for your child and you in case there is a disaster. Making sure that there is a contact to someone out of state in case communication systems are down.

Police in Our School Books to help kids understand  increased protection in the schools

Emergency Prep for kids ‘Sesame Street' 






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