Gratitude and Writing Letters W/ Lynette Smith

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What You Will Learn

The 5 steps to writing the perfect letter of gratitude.

  1.  Share a memory that is important to both of you.
  2. Describe the person you are writing to in an admirable way.
  3. Talk about the difference that person has made in your life and the life of others.
  4. Say that you are grateful
  5. Handwrite your signature.

Ideas for getting your kids to write thank you letters might be to make them write them before that are allowed to play with the new toy.

Let the kids see you writing thank you letters.

Write thank you letters to your kids.

Create a notebook that you can fill with the letters that you write to your kid so they will be able to read and keep them.

Help your kids as much as you can in the prosses of writing the letter. And of course, grab a copy of Lynette's book 🙂 The link is below.






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