Project Me: Find a Happier Balance with Kelly Pietrangeli

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If you are anything like me, 90% of the time I am just putting out fires and just trying to keep everyone alive and if I'm lucky…happy.
But what about OUR lives? Our happiness as parents?
No one is going to make our lives great except us.
But how do we do it?
Kelly Pietrangeli found herself in a ‘not so fun' part of her life took the bull by the horns and created a system that saved her from the pits of despair.
Then she shared it (Project Me) with friends who were also catapulted into better lives and NOW she is sharing it with the world.
Be sure to check out Kelly's website, her book, her online community and of course listen to her interview here! 
All the best,
Emily Gaudreau

Kelly Pietrangeli is the creator of myprojectme.com, an online resource for busy mothers who want to find a happier balance.
Her book, Project Me for Busy Mothers: A Practical Guide for Finding a Happier Balance is out now on Orion Publishing, available on Amazon.
Get the free and fabulous Project Me Life Wheel® at myprojectme.com as well as the other free printable Action Sheets mentioned in the episode.
Project WE is an online membership for women all over the world who want to work on their Project Me with others. www.myprojectme.com/projectwe
Kelly Pietrangeli