0033: Porn and Protecting Young Minds From It w/ Kristen Jenson

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Kids Can Be Taught To Not Look at Porn.

I don't even need to state any facts from reports to convince you that porn is bad, that it's easy to find and that is a horrible combo for a generation of kids raised with easy access to the internet. But if you need more convincing check out these reports http://fightthenewdrug.org/how-porn-changes-the-brain/.

But talking to kids about what porn is is can be pretty uncomfortable and we also have the fear that if we tell them about porn, they will seek it out. Kristen Jenson has made it her mission to help parents tell their kids about the dangers of porn. She has written several children's books that are being used all over the world to protect kids from porn.

What you will learn

•  Kids must tell the first day that they see porn or studies have shown that they never will

• Jensen believes that porn is the worst addiction because of the fact that you can never detox from the porn images in your head.

• Like other addictions, porn must be more and more extreme in order to fule the addition.

• The acting like they “like it” in these films creates an expectation that violence is expected and must be liked.

• Young men are now being treated for erectile dysfunction at earlier and earlier ages because of watching porn and not being able to have erections with a real person.

• Jensen thinks that the reason most parents that give their kids smartphones and don't fully understand what is “out there” AND they truly believe that their kids would never be interested in porn.

• Any game that is connected to the internet has the capability to expose kids to porn or sextortion.

• Sextortion is a fast growing issue for kids. Someone online convinces them to take photos of themselves. They are then blackmailed into sending money.

• Porn addiction shows up in MRI's exactly like any other addiction. The prefrontal cortex ( which is the executive functioning part of the brain) has actually shrunk in size, as a result, of lack of use. The addiction has hijacked the brain.


Begin the conversation with your kids about TODAY. A great conversation starter is to ask the “What if” or “What would you do?” questions. What would you do if someone showed you porn or pictures of naked people? What would you do?”. Next order Good Pictures, Bad Pictures asap! 🙂



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