Writing and Story Telling To Build Resilience w/ Stacy Brookman

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As adults, many of us have used multiple different tools to take a step back from our lives and process what is working for us and what is not. But not very many of us have written our life story as a way to find patterns that might be holding us back. Stacy Brookman does just that and she is doing it with kids as well. For me personally, when I think about writing in school or as a kid I very rarely think about it as a tool of self-reflection… but more of a rigid way to be criticized for spelling and grammar. In this episode, we are going to change all of that and really dive into the power of writing and how it can help kids learn about failure and to become more resilient.

   What You Will Learn

Writing helps kids make sense of the world and their fears.

When kids experience trauma they do not have the outlets like we do as adults to work through the feelings.

What the kids write about doesn't need to be true or about them to help processes trauma.

Writing gives the kids control over something.

It's OK if the kids write about horrible things. It does not mean that they are going to do those things.

Use puppet shows and drawings to help the younger kids tell their stories. Youcan even take photos and make them into a photo book.

Use the What If This Happened …questions to get kids started in their story.

By writing they are able to examine the situation and write a better ending.

Storytelling and writing is different than writing. They can write themselves into a better story.

Working with Stacy you will write three lists 1. milestones in your life 2. times of tension when you had things pulling you in different directions 3. tough things you've had in your life.

Cross-reference and see if there are two or things that connect and that is where your story is.

Pick one of those times and write through all the senses. What did you see, feel or hear.

Saying or writing brings your thoughts into the real world and you will be able to assess your thoughts.

When kids write it gives them a safe place to fail and go back and try again.

Feeling anxiety about writing is very common. Do not worry about grammar, punctuation, and spelling. If you wanted to publish you can always get an editor. It is more important to get the story down for a better final project.

Stacy wishes she let her kids fail more often. So when it comes to them motivating themselves


Stacy Brockman's website where you will find her webinars and other resources for writing your life story.

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