The Three Traits Of Maverick Parents

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Below are the three traits that set Maverick Parents apart from the rest.

1. Maverick Parents' Research and Plan
Having a plan for some of the most common issues will save you and your family years of therapy. So often, we’re surprised by “shocking” events and end up saying and doing the wrong things.

As an imperfect parent, I have been the nonplanner, and it often feels like I'm taking everyone on a family trip with no money, tickets, reservations expecting everyone to have a great time.

Many of these events should not be shocking. Most are very common situations families find themselves in, but feel like they’re the only ones.

Maverick Parents prepare themselves and their family for as many expected outcomes as possible.

“Fear comes from not knowing what to expect and not feeling you have any control over what’s about to happen. When you feel helpless, you’re far more afraid than you would be if you knew the facts.”
Chris Hadfield, An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth

2. Maverick Parents are willing to have uncomfortable conversations with their kids, coaches, partners, and grandparents

We’ve learned from all our interviews with experts that the best thing you can do is let guard down and be honest and casual about “unspoken” subjects.

Seems simple, right?

Well, the thing is, it's not. We don't get to eavesdrop on other parents talking to their kids about sex, death, and money. Even we did get a chance, more than likely, it wouldn't be much help. They're probably making it up as they go just like we would, and their kids are probably rolling their eyes at them.

All of that changes now! Not all of it; your kids will still roll their eyes at you but at you'll be able to have real conversations that build trust and that will lead to deeper, honest communication with your kids.

It's daunting, I know but don't worry. If you're willing, you are able.

3. Maverick Parents are ready to listen and implement parenting styles that differ from theirs

It doesn't matter if you had the best or worst upbringing. What is important is that you are ready to do whatever you can to raise your kids the best way possible.

Every day, things are changing faster and faster, our job is fast-paced than when our parents were working. We have to do whatever is possible to make sure we don't get left behind, and our kids don't either.

Keeping up with everything kids get into is almost impossible. That’s why we bring on the experts, so they can help us navigate these trying times.

How To Raise A Maverick Podcast.


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