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Colorado native on a mission to end child sexual abuse, armed with a microphone & seriously black coffee,
I'm proud to have created a powerful nature-based abuse prevention program that is changing
the way parents talk to their kids about sex. 
Through the How To Raise a Maverick'podcast & YOUNG+WILD+SAFE Coaching & Workshops, I help people all over the world show the kids in their lives that LOVE is worth fighting for.

People always ask “What got you into this?”

With all things, it started small, then snowballed… with hearing stories of sexual abuse, to a friend trying to rebuild their lives after their child acted out porn scene on another child. To the final moment when I learned in  Denver alone, there is a 40 million dollar sex trafficking industry. 
he day I finally snapped. I was standing over my recycle bin thinking… I don't give'a sh** about trying to save the planet!  If we as a society have regressed to the point that the fastest growing economy in the U.S is sex trafficking. “Good Lord, pleeeease bring another flood…And for crying out loud keep the humans off the Ark this time!”

A ton has changed since that day & I can tell you that stepping up and taking on the challenge assigned to me (by God) my life has been completely transformed. And yes, I finally got over my ‘flood the planet ” phase and I try to live a waste-free life as much as I can.

 I'm using my creativity, education & passion to save kids all over the world. 

And I'm having a blast!

Who knew teaching sex-ed and abuse prevention could be so fun?!?
I love the work that I do & best of all my faith in humanity has been restored. Folks… there are amazing people EVERYWHERE and the fact that you are even on this site makes me think you are as well! 
Speaking of you, I'm here to help, but true confession… I'm not great at social media & I know you're someone I what to get to know better. 
ere's the truth. This is a business; we are proud to sell things, live events, online workshops & products, we're pouring with gratitude that we get to make a living this way. The great thing for you is that most of our online information and tools are 100% free to you because of what we sell. 
Another truth (while I'm at it). Is that I'm a flawed human. I make mistakes, swear, get angry, scared & waller in self-doubt just like every other person. But my promise to you is that I show up authenticly with my whole heart & share all the lessons & truths I learn along the way. 
 Thank you a whole heap for visiting this page and connecting with me! I'm over the moon excited about us continuing on this journey together.

Ohh Yeah…New Cover Art Coming To a Phone Near You!