“How To Raise A Maverick' is for parents who want to raise kids who will work their little butts off to do the right thing regardless of who is watching.”

Raising kids to be Mavericks = kids with work ethic, grit, empathy. Hardworking, independent thinking, people that have compassion and the ability to stand firm in what they know to be true and good.

Mavericks can go through tough times and instead of becoming a victim they become wiser and more resilient.

Mavericks have the ability to face negative pressure, never questioning their sense of individuality or doubting their gut feelings. They know what hard work is and won't shy away from it.

Mavericks are easily able to accept and love those that look and do things differently than them.

Mavericks have the ability to question authority and spark change, where change is needed.

Raising Mavericks is a lost art that is making a much-needed comeback in the shape of authoritative parenting.


Authoritative Parenting is a parenting style that is high in responsiveness and demands. They are very responsive to the child's emotional needs while not lowering their standards. They set limits and are very consistent in enforcing boundaries.

One little-known fact has changed from the “Good Ol' Days” of raising kids.

Now… you must be the first and most impressionable source of information in regards to s**, ethics, and relationships. We can no longer leave it to chance.

If you don't talk with your kids early on, someone else most certainly will. Your child's morality is nothing to gamble with. If you agree with any or all of this… I have collected parenting advice you will appreciate.

“It's easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”
-Frederick Douglass



Let’s dispel some myths and set realistic expectations before we go any deeper.

1. I can’t raise happy children that are Mavericks because I’m co-parenting.

I’m not going to lie, negotiating parenting with an ex-husband or wife is HARD.

But regardless of how your family got to where it is today, you still have a responsibility and the ability to raise your kids to be great people.

Just throwing your hands up and saying “I give up” will not only haunt you for the rest your life, but it also teaches your kids to quit when things get tough. Most families are going through exactly what you are. Co-parenting is the new norm.

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2. I don’t need to have the birds and bees talk with my kids. They’ve learned about that from their friends.

Yes, that could be true, but more than likely, what their learning from their friends is how to have s** by watching violent p*** and listening to graphic music.

They’re not learning about love, compassion, or respect for their own and the bodies of others.
Relationships, courting, and consent are things you need to be communicating to your kids from very early on.

At How to Raise a Maverick, we HIGHLY recommend you speak to your children about s** and relationship (in age-appropriate ways) as soon as they can talk.

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Times are a changing!!! You won't believe what these experts want you to know. Sign up for your free updated guide to talking about S-E-X with your Mavericks.

3. I work too much to raise my kid as a Maverick.

Believe it or not, you're already setting a great example for your kids by working as hard as you do. In our house, we GET to work. Work is fun, fulfilling, and enables us to help others. Working is a gift.

There are so many tricky things you can do to leverage your time and influence your kids.

For starters, if you spend whatever time you have with your kids, raising them the Maverick way, you're already making a difference. Raising a Maverick does not happen overnight.

My dad would often take my brother and me to his business after school, we killed hours watching the inner workings of his manufacturing plant. The time I spent there shaped my view of business and how things were made. It may not have been the most kid-friendly environment but my dad was there, teaching me and it left me with a deeper appreciation for hard work and how much it takes to run a business.

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No matter how old your kids are, it's never too late.

So many times parents just give up and say “It’s out of my hands now.”

I ask that you do not give up on your kids. They need you now more than ever.

This website and podcast are here for you.

Life is too short to have regrets.

Together, we can get our kids set up for real-world success. We can teach them that hard work, doing the right will give them a life of achievement and fulfillment.

If you have an idea, comment, or suggestion for the podcast, please reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter, or email, and I'll do whatever I can to get you some answers. I am here for you.

I look forward to joining you in raising the Maverick generation.

With love,
Emily Gaudreau

Emily Gaudreau How To Raise a Maverick